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Executing Speed & Scale Using Tech After A Major Event

The January 2020 hail storms and their devastating impact across the ACT, Victoria and New South Wales were a not-so-gentle reminder of the massive threat that the elements pose to properties. Hail as big as golf balls were carried by ferocious winds of up to 117 kilometres per hour during these storms. The total cost of damage was purported to be an estimated $1.525 billion with 124,693 claims lodged, according to the Insurance Council of Australia.

Needless to say, when storms hit, they can do incredible damage to the structures around us. For AirAssess, one of Australia’s leading roof inspection companies, it was an extremely busy season. From January 20th to mid-February 2020, we completed 6,276 roof reports, receiving 901 referrals in a single day. After events such as this, speed and scale are of utmost importance – both for the insured customers and the insurers.

How we executed speed & scale

As with other industries, technology is being used to help speed up and scale processes. AirAssess aims to deliver the same benefits to the insurance industry.
AirAssess deployed multiple teams to damage-affected areas within 24 hours of the storms hitting. Then, via our proprietary platform, purpose-built for the insurance industry, we were able to allocate hundreds of jobs to our network each day. Throughout 2020, AirAssess reviewed all the touchpoints of our workflow in its entirety. We stripped back all core functions and optimised our platform in readiness for the 2020/2021 storm season to deliver even greater capacity and faster turnaround times.

Some of these efficiencies include:

  • Developed an API so that our partners could plug directly into our platform and refer hundreds of jobs within seconds
  • Vastly improved the automation of resource allocation, automatically assigning jobs to pilots according to their location, capacity, and availability
  • Automated the bulk of communications with insured customers, keeping them informed throughout the inspection process
  • Introduced near real-time uploads from the site, enabling our reporting team to start immediately post-inspection
  • Developed machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to improve the accuracy and responsiveness of our reporting, highlighting potential damage upfront

Additionally, throughout 2020, we added more trade qualified report personnel, all with insurance experience in preparation for this upcoming season, enabling greater scalability and capacity.
Paralleled with this, we have worked tirelessly with our partners on improving our report content, layout and design making our reports more concise and impactful.

Safety first

We take the health and safety of our team and the broader public very seriously and are proud to be Cm3 certified. 99% of our inspections eliminate the need for personnel to work at height, making AirAssess a safer inspection alternative.

Why insurance companies prefer AirAssess

  • Our inspections support current COVID restrictions
  • Our inspections remove persons working from heights
  • No need for insured customers to be home while the inspection is taking place
  • AirAssess do not perform any repair works, making our reports objective and unbiased

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